Drapery Cleaning


Selecting drapery and window coverings that you like and suit your home perfectly can be a large undertaking. It can be a very personal and costly investment. Over time, drapery harbors pollutants from the air such as dust, pet dander, mold and mold spores, tobacco, and pollens. Dirt Free’s highly trained technicians are familiar with all styles and types of fabric to ensure the best and the safest cleaning for your drapery.

Window coverings operate similar to a large air filter. Over time they soil and become dull and lose their vibrancy. We are able to clean your drapery while it is still hung on the window or wall, saving you the time, hassle and major expense of having them sent out for cleaning.

So for a superior drapery cleaning experience for a competitive price, WHY NOT CHOOSE DIRT FREE CARPET & TILE CLEANING?

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