Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Pet stains and odors in your home can be difficult to remove as the stain or odor will often remain even after you do your best to get it out. Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning understands that to remove the entire pet stain, it is important to thoroughly steam clean deep into area in order to verify complete stain and odor removal. We recommend our professional steam cleaning with our proprietary Pet Stain & Odor Removal product that rids the area of any stain or odor. This product is extremely effective but is also safe for use in your home and safe for you, your family and your pets. We can also utilize this same method for cleaning any upholstery where pet stains occurred.

Did you know that the gasses emitted from cat urine put off Ammonia, Amines, and Mercaptan? These cause respiratory problems and flair up allergies and Asthma. Mercaptan is the very same substance skunks spray when they are frightened and try to get away from potential predators. Dirt Free recommends allowing us to remove the pet stains and odors as soon as discovered to prevent staining of the carpet and to protect your health.

Dirt Free specializes in dog urine removal and cat urine removal and all of our pet stain and odor removal processes will harness the power of the truck’s Diesel engine to be able to extract any residue left in the carpet by your pet. We utilize a multi-facetted approach with many attachments and products to ensure we can guarantee our results and make the customer happy.

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