Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning understands that your carpet is one of the largest investments that you will make in your home. We want to help protect that investment from dirt, grime, stains, and the wear and tear it sees on the regular basis. Science has shown that your carpet can harbor allergy causing contaminants and dust mites that you can't see, but that can cause real problems for you and your family.

Shallow surface cleanings offered by underpowered machinery does little to remove all of the things trapped in your carpet fibers. Our technology and machinery can remove smoke, heating fumes, oil from cooking, as well as bacteria, dust and pollen. It is actually this dirt, not just daily wear, that erodes carpeting and shortens the life of all types of fibers. Most types of grocery store stain removal products such as detergents, shampoos, and foams can be messy and actually damage your carpet fiber by setting the stain. Only the deep, professional steam cleaning offered by our certified technicians can restore your carpet and preserve the life and beauty of your carpeted floors. We will steam clean and steam rinse your carpet with an amount of heat and an amount of suction not offered anywhere else in the industry. This allows us to clean above and beyond what another carpet cleaner can accomplish. We will clean the entire carpet fiber from bottom to top not allowing any residue to wick back up to the top of the carpet fiber. Other underpowered machines only clean the top half of the carpet fiber allowing it to look clean to your eye, but 1-2 weeks later, the dirt and grime will wick back up the fiber allowing your carpet to become dirty again through no fault of your own! Our cleaning process has more suction so we can extract the most moisture from the carpet during the cleaning process so we have dry times from 30 minutes to 2 hours; Not 8 hours like other carpet cleaners.

Only choose Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning to come in and professionally clean your home. We offer superior technology that will clean the entire carpet fiber and allow stains not to return. We offer short dry times and we insure you will be happy with the end result.

So for a superior carpet cleaning experience for a competitive price, WHY NOT CHOOSE DIRT FREE CARPET & TILE CLEANING?

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