Tile and Grout Cleaning

Most types of ceramic and porcelain tile are completely sealed. Cleaning with a mop and products will leave a detergent film on the tile's surface that will cause it to look dingy and dirty and will attract dirt back to the same place you just cleaned because of residue left behind by the cleaners. To add to this, the grout is porous and acts like a sponge absorbing stains and allowing dirt, mildew and bacteria to become trapped deep below the surface of grout lines causing it to discolor and stain. Dirt Free Carpet & Tile Cleaning can remove the dirt, grime, and soil trapped in or on your tile. Our deep down cleaning will rejuvenate your tile! We want to maintain the original beauty and appearance of your floors and surfaces. We also know that trying to keep your tile and grout clean can be a frustrating and tiring job. Regular mopping just can't keep up with the amount of dirt getting into the pores of the grout.

Dirt Free can transform your all of your tiled surfaces and take them from a dingy, dirty eyesore to a squeaky clean, uniformly clean look they once had. Our special tile cleaning attachment that harnesses the trucks Diesel engine’s power is no match for your tile floor. We will pre-spray, agitate, steam clean, and steam rinse your tile and grout without harsh cleaners and our equipment eliminates any chemical residue.

So for a superior tile cleaning experience for a competitive price, WHY NOT CHOOSE DIRT FREE CARPET & TILE CLEANING?

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