Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt Free wants to help improve your indoor air quality. Regular cleaning of your home's air system is a valuable step towards ridding your home of harmful contaminants and purifying your indoor air.

93% of all contaminants such as dust, pet dander, mold spores, tobacco, and pollens, are sucked in and passed through the system. Throughout the years, these contaminants collect together forming waste deposits that contaminate your air ducts. When your heating system or air conditioner is turned on, that waste is picked up by the passing air and blown through the vents into every room in your home. These air contaminants can be harmful, causing allergic reactions and flaring up your Asthma. Dirt Free's trained technicians are air duct cleaning specialists certified in the latest technology that will remove all the particles in your air system. A high powered suction device connected to harness the Diesel trucks horsepower pulls the waste from your air ducts. This will allow you and your family can breathe easier and not be exposed to all of the allergens and bacteria. Another added benefit is that you will have less dusting, vacuuming and cleaning to do because it will not recirculate years worth of contaminants. They will be removed from the system allowing it to operate smoothly and efficiently. Dirt Free will only offer a level of professionalism and superior quality service that you have come to expect.

So for a superior air duct cleaning experience for a competitive price, WHY NOT CHOOSE DIRT FREE CARPET & TILE CLEANING?

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